property investor

As an property investor, you can do only one of two things:

  • Buy a house and keep it
  • Buy a house then sell it

Well, there’s no one right answer, but there is a right answer for you. And the answer depends on your goals. Contact us at Royal Investment for a personnel 1-2-1 to see how we can help .

We will help you with the full process and use the key guaranteed skills we have used for 150 properties.

Once we have helped you buy your property we can fully manage your property for £360 year that’s correct only £360 a year . You get all of your rental income because we at Royal Investment what you to succeed as a property investor

You can also invest as a Joint Venture


  • A good joint venture allows two and up to a number of people to come together to benefit from each other’s strengths and balance out their weaknesses. For example together you can resource your income and invest in a larger property portfolio. The benefits of working together like this are obvious.


  • Joint venture partners can often be found close to home – or in fact, at home, as many people partner up with a friends, work colleague or family member.
  • Working with friends or family is (in theory) great because you know each other’s skills and personalities extremely well, and you should want each other to succeed.

Invest in Property

View our properties online. They’re hand picked by our owns one of Britain’s top property expert –. All properties are organised into different investment themes to make it easier for you to choose.

When you find one you like, invest at the click on the registeration button. Investments into a single property typically start from £1000

We do all the stressful bits; like mortgages, solicitors and maintenance. There’s a one-off small fixed fee with no annual charge. (depending on investment)

Earn Investment income

You’ll earn Investment income each month – the amount is in proportion to how much you invest in the property.

You got you full investment income and we cover the forecasted costs of advertising, letting and management.

Sell your investment

When you’re ready to sell, you have two options; the ‘Resale’ market, and the 5-yearly exit protection:

  1. The Resale market

After 12 months at any time we can offer your share to other investors at the current market value (independent valuation) We will arrange this for you for Free !

  1. The 5-yearly exit protection

Every 5 years, we offer all investors the chance to sell at market value. The property valuation will be made by an independent chartered surveyor.

The sale proceeds are all yours.

How it works

  1. Invest in property

Invest in residential properties from £100000. A one-off small fee on initial investment.

  1. Earn rental income

Earn monthly income from rent. 3. Sell your investment

Withdraw capital returns by offering your investment for sale at any time, or exit at market value after five years. It’s 0% to sell, the proceeds are yours.